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Direct Mail
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Direct Mail for Dentists

4-Month Split Test

5 Million Mailers Sent | 300% Average ROI | Since 2007

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Are you screwing up direct mail?

If you are doing direct mail in the traditional way that dental marketing companies tell you to do it, you are wasting a lot of money and a lot of opportunity. Even if you're trying to do direct mail yourself - because you're not using science; you're wasting a ton of time and a ton of money. If you're just sending out postcards and trying to buy the cheapest postcard you can. Or flyers, and sending them out and crossing your fingers that patients are coming in from it; you're wasting your money.

Watch How We Use Science Based A/B Testing for Direct Mail


Direct mail for us is one of the most important components for bringing in high volumes of new patients.

Even today, in the age of Google Adwords and Search Engine Optimization, Facebook ads, and drip email marketing campaigns. With all of these things we are doing digitally, direct mail - when done properly - is still a huge driver of new patient flow.

But the key is when it’s done properly. So let us show you how science can help us do direct mail properly.

We have sent out over five million direct mailers.

Since 2007, we have sent over five million mailers for dental offices all over the country, and we hired university statisticians to come in and analyze our data, analyze the messaging, analyze patient demographics, analyze all the results on the calls, and all the production.

Yes, we even tracked production from these patients, analyzed it all to help us determine - based on science - how to properly do direct mail. And what we found is that there are two main formats that work well: The oversized postcard and the four-panel mailer, which looks like a postcard except it opens up. However, the challenge is that we don't know which is going to work the best when it comes to the messaging, neighborhoods, or the type of mailer. We really don't know anything until we actually do it.

Every neighborhood is made up of a different type of patient.

After five million mailers, we understand that every neighborhood is made up of a different type of patient, a unique demographic. And those potential patients are going to respond differently to our mailers. So if we send out one mailer and expect all patients to respond the same, we're missing the boat. Every neighborhood is going to want a different type of mailer and a different type of message.


Some neighborhoods don’t respond at all.

Here's a great example. In this map, you can see that we went and plotted out all the addresses of patients who responded to our mailers. And lo and behold, a huge section of our mailing lists did not respond at all. You can see that in red. All of that money we spent on all of those homes with that mailer was wasted.

How we are different:
Our proprietary 4-Month Split Test

We need evidence-based direct mail, just like we need evidence-based dentistry. We need to take that same approach using best practices for direct mail. We call our A/B test method the 4-Month Split Test. Four months of sending out a variety of different designs, different messages, analyzing all the phone calls, analyzing the production and comparing all that data to what we actually need in the practice. To finally determine, after four months of science and of AB testing - to finally determine what neighborhood in your area should get which exact mailer. When we go through that four months of split testing, we find the truth. And then, we market based on truth, based on fact, based on science.

See our 4-Month Split Test Results

Postcard design split test
Lakewood Dental Trails
      Temple, Texas:
300% ROI!

  • Creative postcard designs
  • Hand-selected address lists
  • Optimize delivery dates
  • Patient call tracking software
  • A/B split testing. No more guessing!
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What Makes Our 4-Month Split Test So Effective?

We send out 16 different pieces, listen to the phone calls, track to see which patients scheduled, and then analyze the results to understand which exact mail piece should go to which neighborhood. With this methodology, 98.8% of dental practices are achieving success.

Website Design and Development

We send 16 mailers


We listen to all phone calls

Photo and Video

We track to see which patients scheduled

Here Is What 4-Month Split Test Reporting Looks Like

Our 4-month split test is the most predictable way to get new patients & grow your practice using evidence-based direct mail.

Zone Analysis

Zone 1 - Value Postcard

  • 25 Leads, 11 Patients

Zone 2 - Reputation Postcard

  • 47 Leads, 9 Patients

Zone 3 - Value 4 Panel

  • 24 Leads, 11 Patients

Zone 4 - Value 4 Panel

  • 22 Leads, 12 Patients

Estimated Production resulting from split test to date is $43,000

Don't waste your money gambling on direct mail if you haven't measured the split-tested results.

Other companies merely send cheap postcards or expensive brochures and mailers but never actually split test the results to make sure every neighborhood gets the best performing mailer. Don't spend thousands of dollars every month on marketing that hasn't been proven.

We are doing Evidence-Based Direct Mail. Direct mail can be amazingly successful when we use data to drive decision making.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"I am so pleased with how many new patients my Direct Mail Campaign is bringing in. Not only does it look much better than any other mailer, but it is effective! The Call Tracking and Split Testing technology let me know what works best and where to focus my spending!"

-Dr. Alex Kantor
Columbine Creek Dentistry

Dr. Alex Kantor, Columbine Creek Dentistry

Interested in Our Proprietary 4-Month Split Test?

You can imagine that if we perform our 4-Month Split Test in your area to understand exactly what mailers different neighborhoods want, and then send those mailers, that the success rate will greatly improve. That is what we do for our practices. That is what our company can do for your practices. So if you are ready to use science, if you're ready to upgrade your direct mail and figure out what actually works based on science, then you need to contact us, and we will do this for you. And from that point forward, you will know which mailers should be sent to which neighborhoods.

Try The Split Test
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